The Program Proposal

The proposal presents your case for a new program and provides comprehensive information about its content. It is written using an approved template that you can download through the links below.

For a certificate or diploma ("non-degree"):

Non-degree proposal guidelines

Non-degree proposal template

For a degree, including bachelor, major, master's degree, but not a new minor:

 Degree proposal template and guidelines

For an honours degree:

Honours degree template & guidelines

For a new minor:

New minor degree template and guidelines

Additional forms you will need:

  • Budget Analysis template Part A to be filled out by program developers  (Budget Analysis Part B will be filled out by the Budgets and Financial Planning office)
  • Calendar Copy template - download from UEC Resources and Forms 
  • Official Course Outline forms
    • Undergraduate - download from UEC Resources and Forms 
    • Graduate - download from School of Graduate Studies Forms and Guidelines

The approval of new programs at UFV is governed by the Undergraduate Course and Program Approval Policy #21, and Graduate Course and Program Approval Policy #209. These are available in UFV Policies on the University Secretariat website under Academic / Curriculum Development: General. For graduate programs, see Policy 209, Appendix B under UFV Policies.

For programs that meet the criteria for expedited review (Policy 21, Regulation #8), see the Expedited Program Approval Process on the Academic Planning and Priorities Committee website

The BC Ministry of Advanced Education regulates the criteria and process for the approval of credentials. For undergraduate and graduate degree criteria and guidelines, visit the Degree Authorization section of the Ministry website.

All new degree-level programs are posted on the Post-secondary Institution Proposal System (PSIPS) for peer review for a 30-day period before submission to the Minister of Advanced Education for approval. UFV was granted exempt status to the Baccalaureate level in July 2013. This means that review by the Degree Quality Assessment Board (DQAB) is no longer automatically required for degree programs, but the Minister can request a fuller review by DQAB before making a decision.

See also Ministry of Advanced Education - Guidelines on Naming of Degrees

For certificates and diplomas, see the Non-degree guidelines and template on the BC Ministry of Advanced Education website. This applies to credit certificates and diplomas (including post-baccalaureate certificates and diplomas, and graduate-level certificates) except for certificate programs that do not ladder into other credentials. 

Ministerial level approval is not required for these programs, but the proposals must be submitted for public and peer review on the Post-secondary Institution Proposal System (PSIPS) for a 30 day period. UFV must respond to comments made as a result of PSIPS peer review.

Contact PDQA for assistance with preparing the full program proposal and related material, or if you have questions about the approval process.

See Approval Process Step by Step Guide ‌of the internal program proposal process for new programs. 


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