Academic Policies

 A new program requires a set of academic policies. For example, how will students be admitted? Using what criteria? What are the continuance and readmission policies? What will be required for graduation? If a portfolio is required, or an interview, how will this be handled, and by whom? Must some parts of the program be completed before other parts? Are there general requirements, such as completion of a certain number of upper-level credits?

It is helpful to look at what other programs of a similar length and nature require for ideas. All this information will be needed for your proposal, and also for the draft calendar copy which accompanies it to UEC or GSC.

The following policies can also be located at the University Secretariat-UFV Policies website. Below you will find the policies that are relevant to most programs. You should consult with the UFV list to ensure that you consider all policies relevant to your individual program.

Policies Pertaining to Program Development:
Policy 21: Undergraduate Course and Program Approval Policy
Policy 209: Graduate Course and Program Approval Policy
Policy 207: Undergraduate Directed Studies, Special Topics & Independent Study Courses
Policy 64: Graduation Awards
Policy 69: Time Limit to Complete Programme Requirements

Other Relevant Policies:
Policy 52: Faculty Qualifications
Policy 80: Admission to Undergraduate Programs
Policy 92: Continuance in Program
Policy 92: Undergraduate Continuance (Effective Summer 2013)
Policy 94: Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)
Policy 96: Residency
Policy 97: Portfolio Assessment
Policy 99: English Language Proficiency Requirement
Policy 107: Transfer Credit
Policy 109: Submission of Grades
Policy 189: Academic Program & Unit Reviews


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