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Peace and Reconciliation Centre

Fellowship in Creativity

The Fellowship in Creativity is designed to promote and facilitate creativity in the fullest sense, and to attract exciting people doing interesting work that sparks imagination and creativity within and among faculty and students at UFV.

  • Term: 1 year
  • Value: $1,000; shared office/creative space in the Collaboratorium at the Chilliwack Campus
  • Deadline: Ongoing; applications will be accepted and adjudicated until funding has been exhausted.


ABD PhD students, post-doctoral fellows, faculty members at institutions other than UFV who are engaged in especially creative and innovative scholarship and/or artistic work. Must be sponsored by a UFV faculty member or an academic unit at UFV.


  • Within one year, the successful applicant will work with communication staff in PARC to submit a social media or news article highlighting the achievements accomplished with the funding.
  • Within one year the successful applicant will submit a maximum one-page final report highlighting the outcomes and results of the fellowship.
  • Acknowledge UFV in any resulting publications or artistic equivalents (e.g. art exhibits).

Application process

  • A maximum one-page letter of nomination by a UFV faculty member explaining:
    1. the creative project that the nominee intends to undertake,
    2. how and why the nominee is well positioned to undertake and complete the project, and
    3. then outline how this project fits with the theme of peace and reconciliation.
  • A descriptive title and a summary of the proposed project in layman’s terms (150-word maximum) for use in UFV communication and promotion.
  • A maximum one-page letter from the nominee indicating that they approve and accept their nomination and are willing and able to undertake the terms of the award as outlined in the nominator’s letter. Please note, the nominee letter may also include a supplemental portfolio showcasing their past works.

Adjudication criteria

The Adjudication Committee will be guided by a desire to recognize applications that are poised to make a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge through research, scholarly and artistic work within any disciplinary or inter-disciplinary field and that contributes to the broad goal of promoting peace and reconciliation among and between people, organizations, and nations.

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