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Peace and Reconciliation Centre

Visiting Voices Grant

The Visiting Voices Grant is designed to bring a dynamic speaker and thinker to the UFV campus (or an appropriate off-campus venue) to deliver a public lecture (and when possible a supplemental guest lecture in a UFV class) to help bring fresh ideas and insightful analysis to the campus community and to show the broader Fraser Valley community the ways in which UFV is working to stimulate thoughtful discussion and the sharing of valuable information and analysis.

  • Term: 1 year
  • Value: $500
  • Deadline: Applications will be accepted starting September 1, and continue to be accepted and adjudicated until funding has been exhausted.


Non-UFV faculty and public intellectuals (broadly conceived) who is sponsored by a UFV faculty member.


Within one year, the successful sponsoring UFV faculty member will work with UFV communication staff in PARC to organize and promote the public lecture.

Application process

A maximum two-page cover letter providing the title of the proposed lecture, a brief summary of the lecture, a brief biographical description of the guest speaker and her/his expertise. The letter must also how this work will contribute to the goals and vision of Peace and Reconciliation.

Adjudication criteria

The Adjudication Committee will be guided by a desire to select a topic that is built upon solid research and analysis and/or experience that will have wide appeal to audiences on and off campus, and that will contribute to the broad goal of promoting peace and reconciliation among and between people, organizations, and nations.

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