Career Prospects

Traditionally, students majoring in Philosophy would teach in a college or university after completing a graduate degree in Philosophy. These career opportunities have been greatly reduced for many years. However, with increased echo-boom enrolments and the retirement of many boomer philosophy instructors, the prospects for a career teaching philosophy have improved a great deal.

The skills a student of philosophy acquires are transferable and applicable for many different careers:

  • Expose and clarify questions, assumptions, biases, language, and concept
  • Design research programs
  • Find basic sources of data and unobvious sources of data
  • Analyse documents
  • Apply logic to computer programming, research, and development
  • Trace and construct elaborate chains of evidence and argument
  • Write clear, concise reports, briefs, case studies, etc.
  • See the larger issues and implications of a problem.

Specifically, Philosophy courses and programmes prepare a student well for many careers including Law, Medicine, Business, Computer Sciences, Personnel Management, Human Resources Development, Research, Consulting. Undergraduate Philosophy Majors are also welcome in many fields of graduate study.

Philosophy Alumni

1999 SFU graduate Nadine Syrjala, BA Philosophy (honours) decided to follow her heart when she realised she could apply for work experience through SFU's co-operative education program, Her analytical, research and writing skills, along with her co-op experience have already provided Syrjala with an enviable employment record with major companies and government ministries. Syrjala says,"It's just flat out wrong to think you're handicapped with a philosophy degree." (Vancouver Sun, 99/06/04)

"Dave Peterson, 2001 UCFV Governor General's award winner to two-year programs, completed the Computer Information Systems diploma program after earning a BA in Psychology: "I found that my experience in my philosophy courses really helped me with my programming. Essentially, programming is a language like English or French, with rules and structure, and it helps if you approach it that way."

Philosophy Articles

The following articles describe the personal, academic, and career value of philosophy:

UFV Career Centre

The UFV Career Centre is available to all UFV students and alumni for any job-related matter and provides free access to:

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