Learning outcomes

During your philosophy studies at UFV you can expect to come away with the following knowledge and skills:

Recognize philosophical issues

  • Ask fundamental questions about what there is, who we are, and how to live
  • Identify major trends and issues in philosophy
  • Locate relevant materials to which philosophical analysis can be applied

Demonstrate competence in philosophical methods

  • Engage in critical reflection on arguments (as they are found in major trends and issues in philosophy)
  • Assess primary and secondary sources in philosophy
  • Develop responses to philosophical positions 
  • Develop imaginative resolutions to issues
  • Develop good arguments
  • Evaluate diverse approaches to problem solving

Apply philosophy to current issues

  • Apply critical analysis beyond academic and traditional philosophical contexts
  • Apply knowledge of philosophy in research projects
  • Adopt reflective stance to own worldviews and beliefs

Reach out to the wider community

  • Communicate effectively and respectfully through, classroom presenations, seminar discussions, essays, and online.
  • Facilitate constructive interaction between people of different backgrounds and interests
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