Major in Philosophy

Career Prospects

A Major in Philosophy will help you develop a number of employment-related skills and expand your ability to think independently and become a capable problem-solver, see larger issues and implications of problems and contribute effectively to shaping public policy, act ethically and advise others on ethical issues, and learn how to build guidelines for ethical procedures, understand different belief systems and work with people from all faiths and backgrounds to build bridges across differences, lead and guide fair and constructive discussions, apply logic to issues in research, development and computing, and write clear concise reports, briefs, and position papers.

Program Structure

The requirements of the Philosophy Major are designed to be met within a four-year Baccalaureate program. The Philosophy Major provides 48 credits towards the 120 credits required for a UFV Bachelor of Arts degree. For more information on the Bachelor of Arts program requirements, please see the UFV Academic Calendar.

Once you are admitted to the Bachelor of Arts program and you have completed at least 30 credits with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 on all credits attempted, you may make an appointment with an advisor in the Arts Advice Centre to complete the declaration form. Appointments with the Arts Advice Centre can be booked online here.

Lower Level Requirements: 18 credits

Introductory Courses

Course     Title                                                                                                        Credits
PHIL 100 Reasoning 3
PHIL 110 Morality and Politics 3
PHIL 120 Knowledge and Reality 3


History of Philosophy

Course Title                                                                                                        Credits
Three of:    
PHIL 250 History of Western Philosophy - Ancient Philosophy 3
PHIL 251A Rationalism and Early Modern Philosophy 3
PHIL 251B Empiricism and Early Modern Philosophy 3
PHIL 252 History of Continental Philosophy 3
PHIL 352 History of Analytic Philosophy 3
PHIL 353 Philosophies of India 3
PHIL 482 Selected Topics in the History of Philosophy 3
IPK 386 Indigenous Worldviews in North America 3

Note: Students must complete one of 251A or 251B and one of 252 or 352.

Upper Level Requirements: 30 credits


Course      Title                                                                                                        Credits
PHIL 300 Symbolic Logic in Context  3


Moral and Political Theory

Course      Title                                                                                                        Credits
One of:    
PHIL 315 Contemporary Ethical Theory 3
PHIL 480 Selected Topics in Morality and Politics 3


Metaphysics and Epistemology

Course      Title                                                                                                        Credits
One of:    
PHIL 322 Philosophy of Mind 3
PHIL 425 20th Century Continental Philosophy 3
PHIL 426 Contemporary Analytic Philosophy 3
PHIL 481 Selected Topics in Epistemology and Metaphysics 3


Political Philosophy

Course       Title                                                                                                       Credits
One of:    
POSC 311 Early Western Political Thought 3
POSC 312 Western Political Thought from the 17th Century to 1900             3
POSC 320 Canadian Political Thought 3


Applied Philosophy

Course       Title                                                                                                       Credits
Three of:    
PHIL 230 Philosophy of Law 3
PHIL 240 Faith and Reason: Philosophy of Religion 3
PHIL 305 Philosophy of Decision Making and Dispute Resolution 3
PHIL 310 Ethics and Public Policy 3
PHIL 312 Occupational Ethics 3
PHIL 318 Environmental Ethics 3
PHIL 323 Philosophical Issues in the Social Sciences 3
PHIL 360 Special Topics: Contemporary Issues for Philosophy Analysis 3
PHIL 362 Philosophy of Education 3
PHIL 364 Philosophy and Children 3
PHIL 367 Philosophy for Counsellors 3
PHIL 370 Practical Studies in Applied Ethics and Politics 3
PHIL 412 Corporations, Globalization, and Ethics 3

For Philosophy course descriptions, please see the UFV Academic Calendar. For more information regarding the Major, please contact the Philosophy department assistant at (604)557-4035 or via email at


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