Student Comments

"Now, I find I think twice about what I say and hear. In listening to arguments, I try to apply what I've learned so as not to be duped or misled."

"This course was much more useful to my non-classroom life than most courses. I win more arguments and have a more logical approach to everything--my job, my future."

"My profession has required years of rote learning--fact after fact with very little time for critical analysis. I hope and do believe that this course has made me stop and ask why more often, to be more critical when people make sweeping statements and take more active part in group discussions."

"This course changed my view of philosophy. Thought it wouldn't help me in other courses, but it can help me think clearly."

"This course aids in argumentative essays, evaluating social and ethical questions more deeply, evaluating political and institutional aspects of everyday life."

"As one of your students said at the beginning of the course, 'Does this guy mess with your brain? I heard he messes with your brain. I don't want anyone to mess with my brain.' Well, you messed with mine. Thank you."

"I just finished my BA of Adult Education. I think philosophy should be a mandatory course--I don't think a person could go through one of those courses without it impacting their lives. I find myself repeatedly questioning, 'What is the philosophy that is running a system or an individual?' I find it makes it much easier to understand when one asks this first--all else seems to follow logically."

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