How do you reach us?
The Pride Network Coordinator,Teila Smart, can be reached in the following ways:
Voice Mail: 604-854-4500 Mail Box 8293
Email:        pride.coordinator[at]
Drop In:     Tuesdays, 11 am to 12 pm, Room F110, University House, Abbotsford
Alternatively, please feel free to contact UFV Pride's Faculty Advisor. A faculty member in the School of Social Work & Human Services, Curtis Magnuson has been Pride's Faculty Advisor on and off since its inception. Curtis can be found in room A165G on the Abbotsford campus. You can reach Curtis by email at the following address: curtis.magnuson[at]
Shelley Stefan is a faculty member in the Department of Visual Arts. Shelley can be found in room C1020 on the Abbotsford campus--just look for the room with the pink couch in it. You can reach Shelley by email at the following address: shelley.stefan[at]
These faculty members are long-time friends of the Pride Network and are always willing to make time for queer students and their concerns. Please don't hesitate to contact either one of them.
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