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Albel Deol

Albel Deol

Senior Student Coordinator (Work-Study)

Peer Resource and Leadership Centre

Abbotsford campus, S1111

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Welcome to the PRLC! I’ll start off by introducing myself — I’m currently in my fourth + year in the Science program at UFV, majoring in Biology. I hope to one day pursue a career in the health care and wellness field. I’ve been with the PRLC as a Senior Student Coordinator since February 2016 and it’s been an awesome run so far!

By being a bit of a campus hummingbird, I was able to locate and get to know many of the resources available on campus through my first and second years at UFV. I hope to help other students and direct them to these resources and simply be a helping hand in their university journey.

The term “health is wealth” is my personal motto when it comes to prioritizing my everyday activities. Every day, I try to make sure I’m able to relieve the tensions that we tend to incorporate going about our regular schedules. I feel the wellness of an individual is important through mind and body. To further this notion, no one should forget to ever lend out a helping hand to those who may need it.

I really like Nutella by the way.

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