Summer 2017 Reno Hotspots

Contractor Parking 2017 

Lecture Theatre renovation

Location: B Building, Level 1, Abbotsford Campus

Expected duration: April to August, 2017

B101 is getting a reno! This project will update acoustics, lighting, seating and décor and expand the entry foyer to function as a flexible informal learning space and reception space when required. Also key to this project is the conversion of the existing stepped floor to a continuous and gently sloped floor to provide universal access to the seating and stage.


Library renovation

Location: G Building, Level 1, Abbotsford Campus

Expected duration: April to August, 2017

Our campus hub – the library – will undergo an awesome transformation this summer! To support the learning needs of all members of the UFV community, this renovation will create pockets of informal and flexible learning spaces, more group study rooms, and the implementation of an experiential learning space (a.k.a. maker space).


Science Laboratory Upgrades

Location: A Building, Level 3, Abbotsford Campus

Expected duration: April to August 2017

The UFV Science Programs excel and specialize in experiential learning delivered in their well-equipped science laboratories. Changing pedagogy, increased demand for research and regulatory standards in the science disciplines necessitate upgrades to the biology, chemistry and physics laboratories. As a sophisticated teaching and research environment, these changes will enhance student learning and teaching excellence in the science programs.

Upgrades include:

  • New laboratory benches and cabinets
  • Enhanced student learning center
  • Improved air quality and temperature controls
  • LED lighting
  • Lighting and equipment controls
  • Emergency power to support critical laboratory systems
  • Increased electrical distribution to support laboratory equipment
  • Provisions for the installation of technology advanced laboratory equipment
  • General architectural refreshes which include painting, ceiling and flooring replacements

Theatre Program Relocation, Phase 1

Location: D Building, Level 1, Abbotsford Campus

Expected duration: April to August, 2017

The Theatre Department will be moving to the Abbotsford Campus this fall! Existing spaces in D Building will be renovated to provide performance, production, movement, costume, and stagecraft teaching space. Click D1 Theatre Reno Floorplan for details.

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