Computer Lab Upgrades

‌‌Three computer labs at UFV were recently upgraded, much to the delight of instructors in the Computer Information Systems (CIS) department. According to CIS department head Dan Harris, “the upgrades were much needed and represent state of the art in teaching computer and information science classes.”

The upgrade involved several components and was facilitated by the installation of a fibre optic backbone that serves the new labs and provides vastly improved network speeds to all of D building, the location where computer courses are primarily taught at UFV.

The new computers contain solid state hard drives that make them faster and more able to run advanced software. For example, CIS instructors can now work with big data sets, allowing students to study important aspects of business intelligence, big data, and other topics. In addition, the new machines have advanced video cards that allow instructors to teach advanced skills in computer graphics. The high end graphics processing units in the video cards are also used to run artificial intelligence and machine learning software.  These will be very important in the implementation of CIS’s Bachelor of Computer Science, a new program that is currently going through the approval process.

The new computer labs have been upgraded to include high resolution projectors and high-end sound systems to provide crystal clear presentations and multi-media capabilities. In addition, the instructor’s station in each lab is designed to allow for the connection of laptops, and it also has connectors so that an instructor can connect a MacBook without the need to carry a collection of adapters. The advanced nature of the new labs will now allow instructors to re-image the hard drives on the computers quicker, further improving their versatility.

Minister of Advanced Education Andrew Wilkinson was at UFV to officially open the new labs on September 13 in a ceremony that also included speeches from Provost Eric Davis and CIS student Elizabeth Klassen.  If you would like to see what the future holds for computer education at UFV, come have a look at one of the new computer labs in rooms D242, D248 and D250. 

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