Child, Youth, and Family Studies Students Attend Child Life and Community Health Course

This past summer Christine Slavik, Associate Professor in CYFS taught the course Child Life and Community Health, as a one week intensive here on the Abbotsford campus. Students from  UFV were joined by students from the University of Victoria undergraduate and graduate degree in CYC,  Grant McEwan University in Alberta, Douglas College, and graduates from other related programs in Saskatchewan and Ontario to learn how to deliver evidenced-based biopsychosocial care to children and their families experiencing health challenges in hospitals and community settings. Christine, who is a Certified Child Life Specialist incorporates many high impact learning opportunities in the course.  A unique class activity features the use of “body outline dolls” which children in hospital utilize to learn about and cope with their illness and related hospital procedures.  During the course, student have the opportunity to personalize their own doll and then use them to simulate teaching a child about an intravenous start or having a needle.  The dolls are hand made by volunteers.  Christine has a relationship with the local chapter of the Telus Community Ambassadors who sewed up 45 dolls of varying skin tones for use in the class.  


  • Left: Christine Slavik, CCLS, Associate Professor from Child, Youth and Family Studies and Linda McGenn Jackson with the Telus Community Ambassadors with the donated body outline dolls used for teaching.
  • Right: Students in the Child Life and Community Health course learning how they would use play materials to teach and prepare children about having an intravenous started in hospital.  Play and preparation help children cope with the stress and anxiety of invasive procedures in hospital. 
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