Introductory Psychology

Effective September 2013, PSYC 101 and PSYC 102 will be decoupled. PSYC 101 will no longer be the prerequisite for PSYC 102. 

Effective September 2014, the prerequisites for PSYC 101 and PSYC 102 will be the same as the prerequisites for ENGL 105.


Psychology: Frontiers and Applications (5th edition)

Available at the UFV Booksotre


Description of Courses

Psychology 101 and 102 introduce students to the history and current status of psychology, major approaches in contemporary psychology, and research methods important to psychologists.  The same textbook is used for both courses. 

Psychology 101 familiarizes students with major findings and issues associated with such topics as behaviour, biological psychology, sensation and perception, consciousness, learning, language and memory.

Psychology 102 covers the areas of cognition, behaviour, intelligence, motivation and emotion, lifespan development, personality, and psychological disorders and their treatments.


Note: Actual course content may vary by instructor.  A complete outline, with details on the methods of  evaluation and the schedule of specific topics, will be available on the first day of classes from your instructor. General inquires may be directed to the Department Head or the Department Assistant.

If you require specific information on a course you are either enrolled in or intend to enroll in, please contact the instructor.


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