Initiatives in progress:

The goals of RAN include raising the profile of race-related issues at UFV and beyond, addressing issues of racism, and developing theoretical and practical strategies and tools of anti-racism. To this end, RAN expects to continue its education work and also expand to undertake research, with the support of the Office of Research. While the members of RAN are still in the process of discussing research initiatives, initial ideas include:

  • Research projects on experiences of staff, administrators, faculty and students
  • Regular seminars profiling UFV research on relevant race and anti-racism-related topics
  • Workshop for UFV faculty researching race and anti-racism related topics
  • Publication of an anthology following workshop of UFV faculty
  • Production of fact sheets based on UFV research on race and anti-racism related topics
  • Regular and one-off speakers from outside UFV
  • Support for a student-based research collective
  • A student, faculty, and community workshop/conference on race and anti-racism in the Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland
  • Support for external conference participation (for students and faculty)
  • Panel on research regarding Linguistic discrimination
  • Research Day on anti-racism
  • Studies of Race Research network
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