Office of the Registrar

Online grading FAQ

What is a "rolled grade"?

Grades are not official until they have been rolled. OReg transfers them into the student's academic history when they are rolled.

How do I change a grade?

You can change a grade online until the section's grades have been rolled. After they have been rolled, you must use the change of grade procedure.

What is the grade change procedure for rolled grades?

A Change of Grade form is available to faculty for print from within myUFV. Follow instructions on the form.

Where can I see the official grades, to verify they have been put in correctly?

Once grades have been rolled, you may go back to the same page where you entered the final grades. Grades that have been rolled show up as part of the web page, and are not shown with a pull-down menu.

Note: If a change of grade has been submitted, it will not be viewable; only the original grade entry will be displayed.

When will students see their grades?

Once the Office of the Registrar has rolled them.

When entering grades, do I fill in the "Last Attend Date" or "Attend. Hours" boxes?

No, they are not required (if you've already put them in, no worries).

Do I have to enter all my grades at once?

No. You can enter them as you do your marking.

Remember to click the "Submit" button, as you make changes, to ensure that they are saved. In addition, you do not have to enter a whole section at a time — you can record only the marks you have assigned, and come back at a later date and enter more.

What if a student won't complete their activities in time for the grade submission?

Enter an "I" (incomplete) grade online and send a filled-out to the records officer.

Can I "upload" my grades from a spreadsheet into myUFV?

Not at this time.

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