Office of the Registrar

Adult Basic Education (ABE) courses

Adult Basic Education (ABE) Courses2
Course numbers All levels
Tuition/credit1 $0.00
Ancillary fee/credit2 $17.84
Experiential Learning &
3-credit $64.23
4-credit $85.64

1For ABE, the tuition/credit was eliminated effective September 1, 2017.
2The Ancillary fee provides support for activities, athletics, library and technical services, legacy fund, and student space. It is set at 10% of the tuition.
3The Experiential Learning & Wellness fee provides support for students in the form of experiential and co-curricular learning opportunities, expansion of the Co-Curricular Record, health & well-being, and peer mentoring. It is set at 2% of the tuition.

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