Religious Studies is an academic approach to understanding and interpreting the major and minor religions of the world from a variety of sources and disciplines. The sources used are sacred texts, languages of such texts, history, rituals, mysticism, myths, theology, philosophy, ethics, social behaviour and group dynamics, festivals, politics and economics.

Each Tradition usually has many traditions that compete within each of the major and minor religions to define the authentic Tradition, and each tradition can slip into traditionalism.

Religious Studies uses both an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach as a means to clarifying the nature of the spiritual, communal and public quest that is part of the religious journey. 

RLST 340 Fall 2016 PDF

UFV’s Religious Studies department offers a range of courses that concentrate in the areas of Buddhism, Christianity, Islamic Tradition and more. A major advantage of studying religious studies at UFV is the instructor/student ratio. This creates a personalized learning environment where we feature small classes as well as the chance to get to know your instructors and fellow students.

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