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Semester Dates: May 7 - June 23 (early session)

Course Title Day Time Instructor
RLST 202    Religions of the East    Tuesdays & Thursdays    5:30-8:20pm    Ron Dart      

**If you would like to register in this course, please contact the department assistant at 604-557-4035 or via email at karli.menagh@ufv.ca for assistance with registration***

RLST 202: Religions of the East

In this course, you will examine the religions of the Eastern tradition using their scriptures and other readings, lectures, discussions, and films. Religions to be explored include Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism-Taoism, as well as Jainism, Sikhism and Shintoism. You will also discover the impact of the Eastern tradition on the Western tradition.

For more information regarding this course, please contact the Religious Studies department at 604-557-4035 or via email at politicalscience@ufv.ca.

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