Research Advisory Council

The Research Advisory Council (RAC) provides a forum for faculty to talk about research and scholary work, to advocate research activity within a teaching university, and to profile and promote research in an informative, sharing, scholarly format. RAC membership includes voting and non-voting members; however, everyone is welcome to attend, including students.

The RAC provides advice and support to the AVP Research, Engagement & Graduate Studies and other UFV decision‐making bodies such as the Senate Standing Committee for Research.


Chair, Jon Thomas

Vice Chair, Joanna Sheppard

AVP Research, Engagement & Graduate Studies, Garry Fehr

Acting Directors, Research Services & Industry Liaison, Brad Whittaker and Greg Schlitt

Assistant to the AVP, Deborah Block

Grants and Contracts Coordinator, Kelly Tracey

Research Office Assistant, Tracy Morrison


2017-2018 RAC Membership

RAC Meeting Schedule & Deadlines

RAC Terms of Reference

Agendas and Minutes 2017

Agendas and Minutes 2016

Agendas and Minutes 2015

Task Force on Research and Scholarship

CURE - Course-based undergraduate research experiences article

Membership consists of one faculty member delegated by each Faculty area, the Director of Library Services, Chair and Vice-Chair of the UFV Research Ethics Board, Research Chairs and Directors of each UFV research institute, centre, or lab and, as non-voting members, Deans, AVPs, the VP Academic, Research Officer.  

Note: Meetings are alternate months, UFV Week 2, Thursdays, 1:30 - 3:30 p.m.

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