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Grant Mentorship Program

Intensive Grant Mentorship Program

When: Expressions of interest by April 30, 2019 (for this pilot group we will choose 3-5 candidates)
What: Intensive Mentoring and support in development of a major Tri-Council Proposal
Who: Permanent Faculty Members
Incentive: If your grant proposal is *not* funded, $750 bridge funding* and 120 hours paid Research Assistant (RA) time

The ability to write a strong grant proposal is a skill that can be learned. This year we will be piloting a special program based upon UBC’s highly successful grant proposal development initiative. This program will require a significant commitment on behalf of the researcher, but will return great value in learned skills and the strongest proposal you can put forward. The Intensive Mentorship Program will walk you through the process of developing and revising a proposal for major Tri-Council funding programs. UBC Sparc has reported that participants in a similar program have enjoyed a 30% greater success rate than applicants who did not participate.

The intensive program requires a commitment on your part to meeting deadlines and participating in peer activities. But it also provides an incentive – if you participate in all activities according to your proposal development plan, and if your proposal is not successful, you will receive $750 bridge funding for your research (while you make revisions to your proposal for a re-submission), and 120 hours paid RA time.

Grant Mentorship Program

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