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A sabbatical leave provides an extended time for faculty (both teaching and non-teaching) to engage in a program of research or other appropriate scholarly activity, an opportunity to upgrade professional skills, acquire new competencies or credentials, or engage in approved teaching and learning activities, including course or curriculum development where the focus of such work is the scholarly/professional development of the individual faculty member.

Employees being granted leave must continue to work at the university for twice the leave period or will be subject to repayment of the sabbatical leave money. 

All Type B Faculty, whether full-time or part-time, are eligible for a sabbatical leave after seven years of continuous service. The application submission deadline is November 30. 

Types of Leave

Under the Collective Agreement, approvable sabbatical leaves must fit into one of the following six streams:

  1. Research project: A program or project of research, or work leading to research, designed in a manner making it acceptable within the guidelines now in use for the ‘research option’.
  2. Scholarly activity project: A scholarly project or a program of activity in the creative arts designed in a manner making it acceptable within the guidelines now in use for the ‘scholarly activity option’.
  3. Teaching and learning project: A project of significant educational/professional value that benefits both the individual and the institution.
  4. Curriculum development: A course or program curriculum development project relevant to UFV’s current or planned programs.
  5. Course or training program: Enrolment and participation in a training or educational program leading to new skills and competencies relevant to the faculty member’s present or future teaching responsibilities.
  6. Completion of requirements for new credentials: Course work, or research towards the completion of the requirements for new credentials relevant to the faculty member’s responsibilities at UFV.

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Resources to prepare for a sabbatical

Sabbatical Application PowerPoint Presentation 2019

This PowerPoint presentation is an introduction on how to write the purpose, goals, design, schedule, etc. of your project and what to avoid when filling out your sabbatical application.

Sabbatical handbook

View this handbook for more information on sabbatical eligibility, conditions, types of leave, duration, etc.

Sabbatical application form

Use this form to request sabbatical leave. Please refer to preparing your sabbatical application for more information on how to apply.

Sabbatical deferral form

Use this form to defer your sabbatical leave.

Sabbatical leave final report

Please note that final reports are due two months after the end date of your sabbatical leave.

Sabbatical request for change form

Use this form if the nature of an approved sabbatical activity or any of the approved outputs change during the course of the project.

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