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COVID-19 updates

What is required of UFV employees and students who are conducting research activities during Covid?

To safeguard our community during the COVID-19 global health crisis, all UFV employees and students who conduct research activities are required to follow Steps 1-3 below. You are included in this group if you:

  • Serve as the Primary Investigator (PI) on a research project,

  • Have hired a Research Assistant, and/or

  • Teach a course on research, research ethics, or research methodologies, and require students to engage in research activities with participants.


Read UFV's research guidelines in response to COVID-19

Download (PDF): Updated Research Guidelines Covid19_Aug1621


Submit a Research Continuity Plan

Download the Research Continuity Plan Request PDF form, input your information, and email the completed form to

Need help? View and adapt a sample template:


Submit an ethics application

Submit an ethics application through ROMEO, UFV's online research administration tool, for approval by the Human Research Ethics Board (HREB). Ethics applications are due two weeks prior to the HREB's next monthly meeting (see schedule).

Visit for more information on UFV's standard ethics and compliance protocols. Email if you have questions.

How do I make Covid-related changes to a research project?

What requires changesWhat to do
Research Continuity Plan Submit a Research Continuity Plan Amendment Form to
A protocol that has already been approved by the Human Research Ethics Board (HREB) Submit a “Request for Amendment” form in ROMEO.
2019-20 ROSA release project Submit a ROSA Request for Change Form to before you submit your final report, due September 11, 2020.
2020-21 ROSA release project Complete a “ROSA Request for Change” event form in ROMEO to attach it to your original application. See ROMEO tutorials for instructions.
Research Supplementary Fund project Complete a "Research Supplementary Fund (RSF) Request to Change” form in ROMEO. See ROMEO tutorials for instructions.

Can researchers host events on campus?

Any member of the UFV community seeking to host an on-campus event while normal operations are modified due to Covid-19 must follow the directions in UFV Covid-19 Operations Guideline: On Campus Events. All events must be reviewed and approved by UFV Risk & Safety.

I am a Tri-Council grant holder or applicant. What do I need to know?

Please follow ongoing Covid updates from your funder:

Can UFV students still apply for conference travel grants?

The Research Office is currently reviewing student travel grant requests on a case-by-case basis, weighing factors such as location, event/conference specifications, and mode of travel to ensure students’ safety. Contact with questions.

I have another Covid-related research question.

Email the Research Office

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