Student Presentation at a Scientific or Professional Conference Fund

Pupose: To help students, who would otherwise be unable to, attend a scientific or professional conference in order to present a research-based paper they have produced or co-authored.

Maxiumum Amount - $1000 per student (one time only for each student).

Information Sheet - Student Presenting at Conference
Detailed information on eligibility, criteria for financial assistance, required documents for application etc.

Student Conference Fund Application Form
$1000 maximum for full-time UFV students to present a research-based paper that is produced or co-authored by the student; PDF fillable form

International Travel:  For all International travel (including the United States) UFV requires completion of additional forms available at International travel 

Another source to check out:  Educational Enhancement Fund (through Student Services)

The Educational Enhancement Fund (EEF) was established to support student learning and development outside of the classroom, directly related to a student’s program of study and educational goals. This award fund is for co-curricular activities (activities that do not result in academic credit). Normally, the following types of expenses will be funded: 

- Travel including flights and hotels
- Registration including conference, workshops, memberships and professional development.
- Materials including research supplies and presentation supplies.

Click here for more information. The EEF can be used in conjunction with the conference funding.

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