Student Presentation at a Scientific or Professional Conference Fund

Pupose: To help students, who would otherwise be unable to, attend a scientific or professional conference in order to present a research-based paper they have produced or co-authored.

Maxiumum Amount - $1000 per student (one time only for each student).

Information Sheet - Student Presenting at Conference
Detailed information on eligibility, criteria for financial assistance, required documents for application etc.

Student Conference Fund Application Form
$1000 maximum for full-time UFV students to present a research-based paper that is produced or co-authored by the student; PDF fillable form

Link to forms required for International travel (including the United States):

UFV Student Information Form 2016

UFV Freedom of Information Consent 2016 

UFV Int'l Statement of Risks and terms 2016

UFV Intl travel waiver 2016

Emergency Contact Information 2016

Another source to check out:  Educational Enhancement Fund (through Student Services)

The Educational Enhancement Fund (EEF) was established to support student learning and development outside of the classroom, directly related to a student’s program of study and educational goals. This award fund is for co-curricular activities (activities that do not result in academic credit). Normally, the following types of expenses will be funded: 

- Travel including flights and hotels
- Registration including conference, workshops, memberships and professional development.
- Materials including research supplies and presentation supplies.

Click here for more information. The EEF can be used in conjunction with the conference funding.

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