Holiday Break Information

Planning to stay over the holiday break? If so, please fill out the and read the following carefully.

UFV Residence will be closed from December 21 until January 6

If you aren't returning for Winter semester, return your keys to Front Desk and complete a move-out form (to be signed by you and the desk staff). Please bear in mind that if you fail to return your keys and we change the lock on your door, you will be charged an improper move-out fee of $155.00

  • Throw out all garbage and unused food. Please leave your refrigerator plugged in but empty and clean.
  • Only leave personal belongings in your room if you are returning to the same room in the winter semester.
  • If you are leaving your computer in your room, please:
    • unplug the power and network cables, including power cables for monitors, speakers, etc.;
    • unplug any routers and/or wireless transmitters;
    • make sure that any essential data is backed up and not stored in your room.
  • Close and latch all windows tightly, turn off all lights, and lock your door(s).
  • Residence staff will be entering every room to check the security of the buildings and for any mechanical or fire safety concerns.
  • UFV is not responsible for loss of, or damage to, personal belongings left over the holidays.

If you have been granted a room transfer for the winter semester, Residence Services will contact you. To ensure that the rooms for students moving into Residence for the winter semester are available, we are asking you to arrange to move before you leave for the holiday break.


Please check with the present occupant(s) of the room you are moving to, and see if they are leaving before you do. If they are, please move your belongings into the new room before you go so that people studying for exams are not disturbed.


In January, if a new student arrives to move into your old room and your belongings are still there, we will move the student into the room you were supposed to be transferring to and we cannot guarantee that it will be possible for you to switch rooms after you arrive.






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