Why live at UFV Baker House?

Baker House is much more than just a place to live - it’s the best way to get a complete university experience. Living on campus means small communities of students living, working, studying, and socializing together. Feel supported as you develop skills, gain information, and access many of the resources on the UFV campus. Are you excited? You should be!


You Want to Do Well Academically

Students who live in residence do better academically. Studies show that residence students have an average GPA 10% higher than the average student! You are within throwing distance of the Library, as well as the Writing Centre, Math Centre, Assessment Centre, Student Services, and Educational Technology Services. In our study and common rooms, residents support each other through those tough paper-writing and exam periods. Residence Programming offers regular workshops on academic topics such as "Improving Your Study Habits" and "Surviving Exam Period."


You’re Ready to Leave Home

Residence living allows you to be on your own without actually being on your own! Forget about all the stress of finding an apartment, paying utility bills, commuting to and from school, and the isolation that can come from living alone. In residence, you’ll have the privacy of your own room, but you don’t have to worry about being on your own – support is always there when you need it.


You Want to Make New Friends and Meet the World

What better way to make friends than by living with them? In residence, you’ll be part of a community of people all sharing similar challenges and triumphs. Whether you’re hanging out in one of our common rooms, taking part in residence programming, or just hanging out on campus – you’ll have great opportunities to make friendships that can last a lifetime.

Living in residence also means meeting the world. You’ll be living with students from many different programs of study, from across Canada and around the world. Talk about opening your mind – you’ll make friends who will challenge your opinions and expose you to new ideas that broaden your life.


You Want to Explore Your Leadership

Your university experience should be about much more than just attending classes. You can get involved in student associations, athletics and intramurals, and a range of community events that will help you develop skills and networks for the “real world” once you graduate. Check out Ways to Get Involved to learn more. 


You Want to Sleep Late and Make it to Class on Time

Sleep late AND make it to class on time. Ah yes…it is possible if you’re only living steps away from the classroom. What will you do with all that extra time and money? Of course, there’s a gym that hosts fitness, intramural, and recreational programming, a variety of on-campus activities and events, and the learning commons. And did we mention that there’s a great pub on campus?






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