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Kusum Soni

Dr. Kusum Soni

Coordinator: South Asian Studies Institute

Abbotsford campus, F127

Phone: (604) 851-6325

email Kusum


Kusum has a PhD and M.Sc. degree in Biophysics from Panjab University, Chandigarh and Research Associate from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. She served as faculty in the Department of Physiology, Christian Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana (India). In her previous roles as Multicultural Coordinator at various Community Services agencies, she has been engaged in multicultural programming and immigrant integration services through educating immigrants and other vulnerable populations on building positive attitudes, making action plans for employment, social integration and healthy living in Canada. 


PhD and M.Sc. degree in Biophysics from Panjab University, Chandigarh 

Research Interests

  • South Asian Settlement History in Canada
  • Ethnic Language and Cultural conservation through translations and transcriptions
  • Population Health and Research
  • South Asian Diaspora Community Education through community building
  • Multiculturalism and Social Pluralism through Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Life Coaching – Personality Assessments for Career Planning
  • Role of Poetry, Drama and Sufi music in impacting people’s social behaviours


John Pramod, Kusum Soni and N.R. Kalla: “Basic Queries in Human Reproduction”; Everyday Science Supplement “How to Avoid Pregnancy 1-8 (2000).

N.R. Kalla, Kusum Soni, A. R. Kalla, R. K. Vyas and J. Frick: “Regulation of Male Fertility: Gossypol”, JPAS Vol.I, 93 -98 (1999).

R. D. Srivastava, John Pramod, Joydeep Singh, T.M. Jaison,Sheena   Singh and Kusum Soni: “Electrocardiographic changes following exercise  in the congenitally deaf children: Relation with Jervell-lauge  Syndrome( The Long OT Syndrome)” Indian J. Physiol. Pharmacol.(IJPP) Vol. 42(4) October, 1998.

P. C. Mangal & Kusum Grover: “Electrical hemolysis and resealing of erythrocytic membrane of different mammalian species", Indian J. Biochem. & Biophys. 22:  184 -187 (1995)

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