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Prabhsharanbir Singh

Prabhsharanbir Singh

Faculty Associate

Modern Languages

Abbotsford campus

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Prabhsharanbir Singh is a Doctoral candidate at the Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program at the University of British Columbia. He is teaching Sociology at the University of British Columbia. He also teaches Punjabi at the University of Fraser Valley. His teaching and research interests include philosophy and sociology of technology, cultural politics of identity, religious studies, Sikh studies, South Asian studies, globalization, Punjabi and postcolonial studies. His doctoral dissertation examines the role of colonial technologies of control in shaping postcolonial Sikh subjectivity. He is committed to a lifelong study and dissemination of Sikh philosophy, history and politics. He holds an M.A. in Philosophy from PanjabUniversity, Chandigarh.


Doctoral Candidate at UBC, MA in Philosophy from Panjab University, Chandigarh

Research Interests

Religious Studies, Philosophy, Critical Theory, Psychoanalysis, Sikh Studies, South Asian Studies, Sociology of Technology, Identity, Globalization, and Subjectivity.


“Stolen Bodies and Ravished Souls: Sikh Experience Meets Colonial Power.” Sikh Formations 5, Issue 2 (December 2009)

 Sakhi, Vyakhya and the Self: Some Reflections on ‘Chaubole Mahla 5,” Sikh Formations 4, Issue 2 (December 2008)

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