Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions frequently asked by Parents, Guardians and Educators about our fair and participants' science fair projects.

Can I stay with my child throughout the fair?

There will be times when the fair is open to the public (see schedule), however during judging no parents are allowed on the floor. Anyone wishing to stay during judging will have to wait in the foyer.

Where is the Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair being held?

The fair is held at the UFV Envision Athletic Centre, The University of the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford.

Who can we direct questions to while at the fair?

Volunteers and Committee members will be available to help answer questions you may have. They will be wearing green name-tags identifying them as committee members.

What happens at a science fair?

Judging, student activities, UFV lab demonstrations, awards ceremony

How are students chosen for the Canada-Wide Science Fair?

Students from grades 7-12 will be judged to determine what projects are at the level necessary for the Canada Wide Science Fair.

Can I help my child with their project?

Some assistance can be given, however each project should represent the ideas and work of the child. Read how parents can help their child.

I don't have a science background, how can I encourage my child to complete a science fair project?

Science fair projects are just as much about learning how to develop a question, predicting what is going to happen, experimenting and developing conclusions as it is about the science itself. Encourage your child to ask questions and use the many resources available.

My school does not have a science fair, what is the process for my students to compete at the Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair?

Please contact us for more information.

My child is homeschooled and would like to participate in the Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair, what is the process for registration?

The Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair is open to all students in the Fraser Valley area in a grade equivalent to K – 12. A student’s grade is determined by their 1701 status with the BC Ministry of Education (this applies for all kids in BC public and private). In the absence of this information, the Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair (FVRSF) Organizing Committee would need to base eligibility on the child’s birth year (the regular determinant for 1701 status).

How much is the registration fee?

The fee is $30 per student; a 2-student project is $60; a class project is $75

When do my students have to be at UFV?

ALL STUDENTS SET-UP on Wednesday between 4:00 - 6:00 pm.

Grade 7 - 12 students:
Students return on Thursday afternoon at 1:00 pm for the Divisional Judging. Students must remain with their projects until the interviews are finished. Impress upon your students that they should not wander away from the projects. The Special Awards will commence at 3:30 pm so these students will be required to remain for this judging period.

K-6 students:
Students return on Thursday afternoon at 3:30 pm for the Special Award Judging. All K-6 students are encouraged to come to UFV to talk about their projects. All students will be required to stay until 5:00 pm to ensure all judging has finished.

All students return to UFV after 12:30 pm on Saturday to take down projects. Please help us . . . Any projects not picked up will be discarded. (Hopefully they will already be at UFV taking part in the fun activities and attending the Awards Ceremony prior to take-down).

How will my students know if they have won an award?

The school will be notified by phone if students have won a special award on Friday and will be reminded to come to the awards ceremony at UFV on Saturday at 11:30 am. The ceremony will be held in the same gym as the science fair.

What do my students have to bring with them to UFV?

Be sure the students bring their backboards and display items (nothing alive or previously alive, just photos, etc.), their binders (logbooks etc.), any informed consent forms that human-subject projects require (but cut off the bottom and store elsewhere to protect privacy).

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