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Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair General Information Booklet [Download PDF]

Below is a list of websites and links which you may find helpful with your science fair projects. Don`t forget to check out your local library for more information as well!

  • Quest for Science Fair Champions Program: An initiative of the Science Fair Foundation of BC (SFF BC) that contributes to the excellence of teaching and learning. This is in response to the need to recruit teacher champions and provide training tools to enable educators to incorporate science fair activities into the classroom.

  • SCIENCE CELEBRATION: A Classroom-based Science Fair  (written by Len Reimer): This material is a 2007 revision of the Science Celebration: A Resource Book For A Non-Competitive Approach To Science Fair Project Work written by Len Reimer in 1994. The information is available to all who wish to inspire students but the original wording is copyrighted by Len Reimer [ISBN: 0-9696623-0-0].

  • Science Buddies: Looking for inspiration for a science fair project? Science Buddies has over 1,150 Project Ideas in all areas of science. The Topic Selection Wizard tool can help you find a project you will enjoy!

  • Canada Wide Science Fair: You can view the titles and a short description of all the projects displayed at the Canada Wide Science Fair since 2005.

  • All Science Fair Projects: Hundreds of free science fair projects are categorized under the following topics: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science and Engineering. You can then sort the projects alphabetically or by their level of difficulty.


Here are just a few books out there regarding Science Fairs that may assist teachers, students and their parents. Be sure to check out your local library for many more titles.

Brooks, Clare and Vissers, Darlene (2003). Science Fair made easy...well, not really easy...well, not easy at all but... (blackline master book). Copies are available for $5 from the Curriculum.

Department of Abbotsford School District (#34).Daab, Marcia J. (1990). Science Fair Workshop (blackline master book). Fearon Teacher Aids #FE-6374, ISBN 0-82246-374-1.

Rushin, John W. (1999). Science Fair Projects (science activity book with blackline masters). Mark Twain Media Publishing Company #CD-1327, ISBN 1-58037-100-0.

Appel, Ray (2006). Criteria Assessment (blackline master book). Metaclete Publications. Available from The Teachers’ Learning Store in Abbotsford.

Bochinski, Julianne (2003). The Complete Handbook of Science Fair Projects. McGraw-Hill Education, ISBN 0-471-45767-1 / ISBN0-471-46043-5.

Henderson, Joyce and Tomasello, Heather (2002). So You Have to Do a Science Fair Project. Jossey-Bass. ISBN 0-471-20256-8.

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