Career Options

Preparing for a range of careers:

Students who graduate in Anthropology, LAS, MACS or Sociology find employment in a range of professional areas, including:

  • social services
  • community development
  • public relations and marketing
  • government
  • business and administration
  • research-related fields 

Career Information Web Links:

For more career informaiton check out these websites. Try searching them using the name of your discipline or "social science". 

  • American Sociological Association – provides information for students regarding careers in
  • Job Bank – searchabledatabase of jobs, updated regularly.
  • –offers articles, advice columns, resume assistance, job search, and more.
  • Youth Employment Strategy (YES) – offers work experience andlearning opportunities, plus information on career planning, job searchtechniques, the labour market, and more.

Jobs Commonly Held By Canadian Sociology Graduates

from Neil Guppy and R. Alan Hedley, Opportunities in Sociology (Montreal: Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association, 1993), p. 8. 

Community Affairs:

  • occupational/career counsellor
  • homeless/housing workerpublic
  • health/hospitaladministrator
  • child development technician
  • public administration assistant
  • social assistant advocate
  • resident planning aide
  • group home worker
  • rehabilitation program worker
  • rural health outreach worker
  • housing coordinator
  • fund raising director/assistant
  • fund raising assistant
  • aide
  • caseworker
  • community organizeryouth outreach worker


  • market analyst
  • project manager
  • sales representative
  • real estate agent, journalist
  • public relations officer
  • actuary, insurance agent
  • human resources manager
  • production manager
  • labour relations officer
  • administrative assistant
  • quality control manager
  • merchandiser/purchaser
  • computer analyst
  • data entry manager
  • advertising officer
  • sales manager


  • social research specialist
  • consumer researcher
  • data analyst, market researcher
  • survey researcher
  • census officer/analyst
  • demographer/population analyst
  • systems analyst


  • corrections officer
  • criminology assistant
  • police officer
  • rehabilitation counsellor
  • criminal investigator
  • juvenile court worker
  • parole officer


  • college placement worker
  • public health educator
  • teacher
  • admissions counsellor


  • community affairs officer
  • urban/regional planner
  • legislative aide
  • affirmative action worker
  • foreign service
  • officerhuman rights officer
  • personnel co-ordinator
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