The study tour of Mexico, organized by the Departments of Geography and SCMS, is a three week tour surveying Mexico’s wide variety of landscapes, economies and cultural features. The tour is demanding in that each day is structured and travel is frequent. The rewards of an intensive introduction to Mexico and the Mesoamerican world are immersion in the culture and landscape as well as an ongoing interdisciplinary dialogue. Interest in Latin America is assumed but no background in Spanish is required.


David Gibson (Geography and the Environment/LAS)

Garry Fehr (Geography and the Environment)

Stephen Piper (Sociology/LAS)


Geography and the Environment: GEOG 346, GEOG 433K, GEOG 470, GEOG 482, GEOG 482,GEOG 484

Social, Cultural and Media Studies:LAS 102, LAS/ANTH/MACS/SOC 206, LAS/SOC/ANTH 310, LAS 312, LAS/SOC 442



Students admitted to the study tour are required to enroll in at least three courses, usually 9 -12 credits. Courses will require varying amounts of work before departure.  Much of the work is based on participation in study tour activities and completion of assignments while in Mexico.  Course work must be completed by early June for students planning to graduate, by the end of June for others. A maximum of 16 students may enroll in the study tour.

Typical Costs

The cost of the tour, including all transportation, hotels, guidance and some meals, is $2700.00 in addition to tuition for a minimum of three courses. Hotels are of good quality; two jet flights within Mexico allow a wide variety of sites to be visited. The cost of meals and personal expenses will vary but $25.00 - $40.00 per day is a general guideline. Courses are scheduled for the entire summer semester. Students enrolling in three courses are eligible for student loans. A tax receipt will be issued for tuition and that part of the study tour fees considered educational in nature.


Scheduled activities will vary. Some days will be very intensive, others will have free time or self-guided activities. A review session, or seminar, will be held most days. A general guide to the study tour follows but the actual schedule will vary depending on circumstances and student

Itinerary- Subject to Modification
Mexico City  
May 1  Non - stop flight to Mexico City on Air Canada.
May 2

Orientation to Mexico: breakfast at House of Tiles, Latin American Tower, San Francisco Church, Alameda Park, a break at the Museo Franz Mayer then the Bellas Artes Theatre and museum.  After lunch we focus on the Zócalo: the Templo Mayor, Cathedral, National Palace and district.

May 3

Museum of Anthropology, Tlatelolco Plaza, Monument of the Revolution. Garibaldi Plaza (Mariachi centre) in the evening.

May 4

Metro to the Pueblo of Coyoacan including Casa Azul (home of Frieda Kahlo and Diego Rivera). Lunch in Coyoacan centre then travel to the chinampas or "floating gardens" of Xochimilco.

May 5 Historical tour of the Valley of Mexico: Guadalupe, Acolman, and the pyramids of Teotihuacan.
May 6 A free day will allow students to explore areas of interest


May 7 Fly to Tuxtla Gutiérrez, take a boat ride through the Sumidero Canyon, bus to San Cristóbal de las Casas where we will stay at the Hotel Santa Clara, right on the alameda and zócalo. We will spend four days in and around this 16th century Central American market town.
May 8 Orientation to San Cristóbal, Chapel of San Cristóbal, Santo Domingo area. Visit sites in city, markets, Na-Bolom in the afternoon. Seminar in the evening.
May 9 Travel to Mayan site at Toniná, near Ocosingo, examine karst landscape.
May 10 Hike in the cloud forest in the morning, visit weaving co-op, seminar in the evening
May 11 Visit Maya ceremonial centres of San Juan de Chamula and Zinacantán We will hike cross-country between the two villages, about 5 km.


May 12 Fly from Tuxtla to Oaxaca via Mexico City. Oaxaca is the most important and historic highland city south of Mexico City. We will be staying at the Hotel Posada del Centro. Walking tour of Oaxaca’s markets and neighborhoods in late afternoon.
May 13 Breakfast in the market. Visit Monte Alban and village of Atzompa (pottery) Comida at Itanoní Tortillería, featuring traditional corn recipes. Visit Santo Domingo and Regional Museum after lunch.
May 14

Visit Mixtec site of Mitla, Weavers village of Teotitlán del Valle, and Santa María del Tule

May 15 Visit craft village of San Martín Tilcajete, and the weekly market at Zaachila
May 16 Visit secondary school, free time in the afternoon.
May 17 Express bus via Puebla to Tlaxcala, the small mountainous capital of an ancient city state that resisted the Aztecs and became the allies of Cortez. We will stay at the Hotel Alifer. Explore zócalo area, meet for dinner.
May 18 Vans to archaeological site of Cacaxtla, visit fair at San Miguel del Milagro, Visit local sites. Late night, observe and participate in decoration of city for Fiesta.
May 19 Fiesta of Nuestra Señora de Ocotlán. Visit sanctuary, observe procession.
May 20 Visit villages of Santa María Tonantzintla and San Francisco Acatepec, climb great pyramid of Cholula (last one of the tour), lunch in zócalo of Cholula.
Mexico City  
May 21 Return to Mexico City
May 22 Free day in Mexico City, Group dinner in evening
May 23 Non-stop flight to Vancouver


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