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Contribute to UFV’s mandate and to its strategic vision of “changing lives, building community” by serving on the Board of Governors or Senate. If you have a passion for UFV and its communities, interest in increasing your awareness and participating actively in UFV decision making, collaborating with colleagues from across the institution, and leadership, these positions are for you.

Extension of the Call for nominations

All Senate and Board of Governors vacancies have been filled for 2018-19.

Eligibility to nominate, vote and stand for election:


All faculty employed as a permanent or continuing instructor, lecturer, assistant professor, associate professor, professor, or in an equivalent position designated by the Senate shall be eligible to nominate, stand for election and vote.


All staff employed on a permanent or continuing contract with UFV who is not (a) an officer of the university, or (b) a faculty member shall be eligible to nominate, stand for election and vote.
More details on eligibility are included the Board and Senate election procedures and on the nomination forms.

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Board of Governors governs the management, administration, and control of the property, revenue, business, and affairs of the university are vested in the Board.

Senate is the academic governing body at UFV which is responsible for policies concerning academic matters and advising the Board on policies of mutual interest.

There are two faculty positions and one staff position for the UFV Board, and 2 faculty positions from each faculty and two staff positions for senate.

The process to run for elections is very simple. There is a call for nominations which is posted around all UFV campuses and also on myUFV announcements. Faculty and staff representatives are appointed for a three-year term. If you are appointed there is usually an orientation session where new members are introduced to their roles and responsibilities.

The board of governors usually meets once every month (usually the first Thursday of every month) and serve on a Board committee and attend various UFV functions. The Senate also meets once a month (usually on a Friday afternoon) and Senators are expected to serve on a minimum of two standing committees of the Senate.

  • Regular attendance is expected of all members
  • All members are required to prepare adequately for meetings and to participate actively in the decision-making at meetings
  • Each member has a responsibility first and foremost to act in the best interests of the university and must make decisions as a member of the Board or Senate and not as a member of any particular constituency
  • For more information on the roles and responsibilities, see the Board bylaws and Senate bylaws

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