Prepare for consultation

The following outlines the role of the policy proponent in preparing for consultation.


Write a memo

When wide consultation is requested, prepare a memo to the UFV Community outlining the significant changes being proposed, and the rationale for each, or rationale for rescinding an existing policy, as well as implementation date, if different from approval date. 


Submit documentation

Submit the memo, policy draft, and any background material that needs to be shared with the community, to 


Compile feedback

Compile all feedback received into a memo addressed to the approval body, using the Consultation feedback memo template. The Secretariate office is able to receive the feedback for the policy proponent. 

In the memo, outline what is proposed, the rationale for creation, or for significant changes to an existing policy. Then summarize the feedback:

  • Indicate how many responses received and areas that they came from (not individual names)
  • List the gist of the comments. If there are several issues, a table is suggested with the headings: Comment/concern, Discussion, Action Taken

Consultation feedback memo sample.


Submit summary to the Secretariat

Submit the summary of feedback, along with the final policy draft and any supporting material from the initial submission, to the Secretariat at

This proceeds either to the Senate Governance Committee, who forwards it to Senate, provided they are satisfied with the process, or the relevant vice-president.

If there are associated procedures, the approach would be not to publish the policy until related procedures are completed and published (or ready to be published). That way, once the policy is live, any interested person can find the related information as well. 

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