Standards of Conduct

Standards of Conduct for UFV Employees

UFV is a public institution that receives a significant amount of funding from the provincial government as well as tuition revenues directly from students. It is important that UFV employees demonstrate high standards of ethical behaviour to safeguard the University’s integrity and reputation.

To this end, UFV has numerous policies in place to provide guidance to employees including:

BPD-201 - The Board of Governor’s Policy Direction on Values and Ethics
BRP-200.05 - Board Policy on Fulfilling Our Commitment to Aboriginal Peoples
BRP-201.01 - Board Policy on Academic Freedom
BRP-201.02 - Board Policy on Harassment, Discrimination & Physical or Emotional Abuse Prevention & Resolution
BRP-215.01 - Board Investment Policy
BRP-220.01 - Board Policy on Safe Disclosure
7 - Copyright Compliance
14 - Appropriate Use of Computing and Network Resources
15 - Selling, Serving, and Advertising Liquor
16 - Education and Employment Equity
18 - Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment Prevention
22 - UFV Statement of Institutional Ethics
46 - Instructional Responsibilities
51 - Animal Care: Respect for animals in teaching and research
53 - Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarship
54 - Human Research Ethics
55 - Intellectual Property Policy
93 - Accommodation of Students with Disabilities
132 - Use of University Space
142 - Conflict of Interest
218 - Workplace Violence Prevention
219 - Occupational Health & Safety
223 - Safe Disclosure

In addition, UFV has the following policies under development or consideration:

  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
  • Records Management
  • Social Media

Post-Employment Expectations

Upon ceasing to be employed at UFV, employees are expected to continue to protect confidential UFV information.

Without limiting the generality of the above, each UFV Senior Executive (President and Vice-Presidents) will comply fully with the University’s Policy on Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment. Further, after the date of the termination of UFV’s employment, s/he agrees to observe a twelve (12) month restriction that prevents him/her from taking up work with private sector employers who may benefit financially or otherwise from having prior access to UFV’s confidential information and connections at the University.

Exceptions to these post-employment restrictions may be waived by the Board Chair in the case of the President, or by the President in the case of VPs if it is determined that no such risk as described above exists.

Standards of Conduct for UFV Employees (PDF)

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