Security Services - First Aid

In the event of an emergency, please call 911 for fire, ambulance and police assistance. 

UFV Campus First Aid

1-855-282-7770 (Local 7770 from a UFV phone) 

Abbotsford - room B120b and E160
CEP - room A1113 and T1123
Chilliwack North - room D125
Mission - room D123

Emergency First Aid Procedures 

In the event of an injury to a student or employee, the following procedures are to be followed:

If you are a witness: 

  1. Stay Calm.
  2. Safeguard the scene.
  3. Care for the injured, as you may be trained to provide.
  4. Send a bystander, or if alone, go to the nearest telephone and call the emergency number: 1-855-282-7770 (local 7770 from a UFV phone).  
    Note: Please call 911 if there is no answer and ask for ambulance service.
  5. Remain with the patient until trained help arrives.
  6. Provide any required assistance as requested by attending personnel.

If you are an Occupational First Aid Attendant:

  1. Secure the scene.
  2. Treat the patient, as required.
  3. Authorize bystander to call for transportation (ambulance or taxi).
  4. Collect names of witnesses.
  5. Complete necessary reports as required by WCB and/or UFV.

If you are Security Personnel:

  1. Secure the scene.
  2. Provide any assistance as required by the Occupational First Aid Attendant.
  3. Call for transportation as requested by the Occupational First Aid Attendant (ambulance or taxi).
  4. Await the arrival of the ambulance and direct them to the scene/location of victim.
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