College of Arts Curriculum Committee

The College of Arts Curriculum Committee (CACC) is responsible for ensuring excellence and innovation in educational offerings, including responsiveness to the particular students and communities we serve. It is guided by the standards of quality curriculum defined by UFV's Undergraduate Education Committee (UEC) and by the College of Arts' and UFV's mandate, mission, values, and strategic plans. It serves as an advisory body to the College of Arts Council (CAC) and the Deans' office on curriculum-related matters. Any proposed change to Arts programs and curriculum must go through CACC for discussion and/or decision.

CACC Vacancies

2 Student Representatives ‌- One year term, ending June 2018

Faculty Vacancies - Faculty Representatives - 2 to 3 year terms


CACC Meeting Schedule 2017-18

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Alisa Webb
Phone: Ext 4070
Office: B315

Committees Assistant
Phone: Ext 4199
Office B315 (Abbotsford)

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