Science Faculty Council - Agendas & Minutes

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2016/2017 Science Faculty Council
September 9, 2016 ‌Minutes
October 7, 2016 ‌Minutes
November 4, 2016 ‌Minutes
‌December 2, 2016 ‌Minutes
‌January 6, 2017 ‌Minutes
‌February 3, 2017 ‌Minutes
‌March 3, 2017 ‌Minutes
‌March 31, 2017 ‌Minutes
‌April 28, 2017 ‌Minutes
‌May 26, 2017 Minutes

2015/2016 Science Faculty Council
September 11 - Agenda 2015-Sept 11_SFC Minutes
2015-Oct 9_SFC Agenda 2015 Oct 9_SFC Minutes
2015-Nov 6_SFC Agenda 2015-Nov 6_SFC Minutes
2015-Dec 4_SFC Agenda 2015-Dec 4_SFC Minutes
2016-Jan 8_SFC Agenda 2016-Jan 8_SFC Minutes
2016-Feb 5_SFC Agenda 2016-Feb 5_SFC Minutes
2016-Mar 4_SFC Agenda 2016-Mar 4_SFC Minutes
2016-April 1_SFC Agenda 2016-April 1_SFC Minutes
2016-April 29_SFC Agenda 2016-April 29_SFC Minutes
2016-May 27_SFC Agenda May 27 - Minutes

2014/2015 Science Faculty Council
Sept5_2014_SFC_AGENDA Sept5_2014_SFC_MINUTES
Oct3_2014_SFC_AGENDA Oct3_2014_SFC_MINUTES
Oct 31_2014_SFC_AGENDA Oct 31_2014_SFC_MINUTES
Nov28_2014_SFC_AGENDA Nov28_2014 SFC MINUTES
2015-Jan 9 SFC Agenda Jan9_2015 Science FC Approved Minutes
February 6_2015 Science FC AGENDA 2015_February_6_Minutes
2015_March_6_Agenda 2015-March-6_SFC Minutes
2015-March-27_SFC Agenda 2015-March-27_SFC Minutes
2015-May 1_SFC Agenda 2015-May 1_SFC Minutes
2015-May 29_SFC Agenda 2015-May 29_SFC Minutes

Approved Minutes
Sept_2012_SFC-Agenda Sept_2012_SFC_Minutes
Oct_2012_SFC_Agenda Oct_2012_SFC_Minutes
Nov_2_2012_SFC_Agenda Nov_2_2012-SFC_Minutes
Nov_30_2012_SFC_Agenda Nov_30_2012_SFC_Minutes
Jan_2013_SFC_Agenda Jan_2013_SFC_Minutes
Feb_2013_SFC_Agenda Feb_2013_SFC_Minutes
Mar_2013_SFC_Agenda Mar_2013_SFC_Minutes
April_2013_SFC_Agenda April_2013_SFC_Minutes
May 3, 2013-Cancelled May 3, 2013-Cancelled
May_31_2013_SFC_Agenda May_2013_SFC Minutes

Contact Caroline Majeau, Administrative Assistant for archived copies of minutes and agendas

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