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Michelle Riedlinger

Michelle Riedlinger, PhD

Associate Professor, Communications

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Michelle joined UFV's Communication Department in August 2011.  Michelle's doctoral work at the University of Queensland investigated the communication barriers between academics from different disciplines as they engaged in collaborative research within the federally-funded Cooperative Research Centres in Australia.  During this time, Michelle also worked as a researcher, writer and workshop facilitator with Econnect Communication, a science and environmental communication consultancy.  Michelle continues to be interested in how science and environmental research is communicated, particularly the contribution of researchers to public and policy debate on controversial issues.  She is also interested in the boundary communication practices of interdisciplinary researchers and community groups.  Michelle's ongoing projects include: Discourse of expertise and accountability: Social representations of the risks to salmon health in the 2010-2011 Cohen Commission Inquiry; Producing loveable monsters: Assessing challenges and opportunities in interdisciplinary scholarship; Climate change education and social diffusion: Rethinking engagement with the alarmed and concerned; Use of self reference in BC First Nations' scholarship; and Social worker attitudes to language and client recordings.  Her most recent publications include:

Rea, J. & Riedlinger, M. (2015). Exigencies, ecologies and street science: Emergent counter public genres in the context of Fukushima radiation risk discourses on the Internet. In Reiff, M.J. and Bawarshi, A. (Eds.), Genre and the Performance of Publics. Utah: Utah State University Press

Riedlinger, M., & Rea, J. (2015). Discourse and knowledge niches: Negotiating the risks of radiation in online Canadian forums, post-Fukushima. Science, Technology & Human Values, 40(2), 1-27. doi:10.1177/0162243915571166.

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