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Siyamex’lhot (Matilda Charlie); Sts’ailes
Storybook Weaving of Suicide Ideation

Artist Statement

Siyamex’lhot (Matilda Charlie); Sts’ailes
Storybook Weaving of Suicide Ideation
Artist Statement

Learning is a daily part of life

This story book weaving is so simple to teach others to keep busy by learning how to maintain connection to others while taking care of self and to ensure the history of our ancestors is carried on through time because we only have today to learn.

Circle of Resource people to help people who are feeling this way. Teaching the person the meaning of how to Love themselves

  • Suicide Person standing alone thinking of their self-harm
  • Circle of Resources and supported by the Family members
  • Praying by the Cedar Tree for all the use of tree (branches to brush of negative energy; use of the roots for tightly woven baskets; inside bark to make clothing to wear; rope to tie poles for fishing weirs or canoes; wood for carving to make dishes spoons bowls; plank boards for smokehouses; carving canoes to travel)
  • Sharing of how hard our people working together to make all of needed items
  • Sun & Moon & Stars are continuously revolving around Mother Earth representing Time is going into future.
  • Going to Elders for guidance
  • Bringing the person up to the mountain for 4 days sharing cultural teachings values
  • Sharing teaching’s of being valuable to their family
  • Sharing history of their family in the Smoke House living
  • Sharing teaching of which trees are good to cut down for firewood & how to chop wood for making a fire for cooking food or warmth
  • Standing at the Ocean praying for the fish to be plentiful
  • Resource person teaching how to pull on the canoe gaining physical strength
  • Resource person teaching the value of how to build a fish weir and how to check for fish
  • Sharing of the teaching of weaving loom to create blankets
  • Sharing of the Eagle that is representing the animals who give of themselves for human being for food – flying wings/four legged/swim in water
  • Sharing teachings of how to Drum & Sing songs for praying to Creator for Health & Wellbeing of the families of babies, youth, adults, elders in all communities.

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