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People talk about PASS

Priority Access to Student Supports (PASS) relies on the efforts of faculty and staff to make the program effective for our students. Without our dedicated faculty and staff sending referrals to PASS, students may miss needed supports that are available to help them in their education.

UFV students

"Let's face it: every student at some point feels overwhelmed and PASS can take away some of those stresses."

"Very good service for assisting with problems both school and life related."

"It's good to have these services because if you didn't students wouldn't know how to navigate through University."

"Very helpful in learning new study skills and speaking to someone who can plan your career goal with you and keep you aware of the services available."

UFV faculty members

"I only wish I had referred the student sooner, but sometimes it's not clear there's a real problem until later in the semeste."

"It definitely made a difference for a couple of students. They got reengage."

"I think the Pass program is great."


If you have any questions about PASS, please feel free to contact the team at:

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