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Referral to the Student Support Centre (formerly PASS)

A Student Support Referral (Formerly PASS) is an online service that enables instructors to identify and assist students who are struggling or at risk of falling behind. A referral to the Student Support Centre provides early intervention so small problems don’t turn into large problems and students connect to the resources they need. After a Student Support Referral is received, a Student Support Coordinator will reach out and provide support.

Common reasons to refer to the Student Support Centre:

  • decrease in quality of work
  • disruptive behaviour in class
  • missed multiple assignments 
  • no-show for three or more classes or sessions
  • change in mood which may include anxiety, aggression, depression or distress
  • does not have materials to work in class
  • comments of concern from other students
  • situational factors such as death of a loved one, financial difficulties, food insecurity, or culture shock

Together with the student, a Student Support Coordinator identifies resources that could be most helpful. Connections are made with the student by email, phone, and in-person.

Some common concerns where direct referrals are best: 

  • Underdeveloped study skills

Refer directly to the Academic Success Centre for 1:1 peer tutoring or helpful workshops

  • Student underprepared for course difficulty

Refer directly to the Academic Success Centre and/or the Advising Centre

  • Student appears to be upset

As the first point of contact, it is often most effective to just ask! (For example, “I noticed you haven’t been participating in class as much lately, is everything okay?”) If there seems to be a concern that requires more support, put in a referral and we will reach out.

Make a referral

Faculty and staff may submit a Referral to the Student Support Centre using this form here. Students can submit a self-referral using the same form. 

If you have any questions about a Student Support Referral, contact the team at:


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