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Student Services

Privacy and FOIPOP

Student privacy and confidentiality rights are respected by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPOP).  In order to comply with UFV FOIPOP practice, students must be informed before they are referred to the Student Support Centre.

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Students need to know that the supports and resources offered by the Student Support Centre could help them progress in their studies. Informing students before making a referral will help ensure they perceive the supports offered as positive in nature, rather than punitive. 

Due to student privacy and confidentiality constraints, the Student Support Team is unable to provide you with outcomes of service provision.  Whenever possible, the students we connect with are encouraged to share their referral experience with their instructor.

Example statement to include in your course syllabus or outline:

Student Support Referral (formerly PASS)

If, during the semester I am concerned about your progress, I may submit a referral to the Student Support Centre to connect you with a Student Support Coordinator who will work with you to find additional resources that may increase your chances of success. Such assistance may include putting you in touch with an academic advisor, financial aid, a counsellor or another resource. Please be advised that this information is treated confidentially and is sent because I care about your progress and success in this course.  Your response to a Student Support Referral is entirely voluntary.  If you do not wish me to make a Student Support Referral on your behalf, please let me know by email. Learn more.

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