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Submit your news to the Vice President, Students newsletter

The final 2022 edition of the VP, Students' Weekly Newsletter will go out on Thursday, December 15th, resuming on Thursday, January 5th, 2023. Happy New Year!

What is the student newsletter?

Every Thursday, the Office of the Vice President, Students sends an e-newsletter to all registered students. The newsletter provides a concise and consolidated source of important dates, deadlines, events, opportunities, and information about services and supports available to students.

*** Please read and follow the submission guidelines below. Failure to adhere to the guidelines may result in the omission of your item from the newsletter. Click here to view a sample newsletter.

What kind of content can you submit?




  • University-wide news, information, and announcements relevant to students
  • Promotion of student services, supports, and programs
  • Notices regarding events, activities, and opportunities open to students
  • Key dates and deadlines for students 


Do not submit

  • Items promoting or advertising academic/credit programs or courses
  • Events that are by invitation only
  • Images for which permission has not been obtained (copyright images, images of individuals who have not signed a photo release form)
  • General UFV news and information


Who can contribute to the newsletter?

UFV faculty, staff, and administrative units.


How to submit your news?

Fill out the submission request form to have your news included in an upcoming issue of the Vice-President, Students newsletter.

Submissions must be received via the online form by 12 pm on the Wednesday prior to publication. If space permits and the content is still relevant, your submission may run in multiple issues.


Submit your news


Submission guidelines

In order to ensure the newsletter is timely and valuable to students, your content must meet the following guidelines:

Text format

  • Headline (max. 60 characters) - The headline will appear at the top of your submission and in the newsletter index.
  • Main text (max 450 characters) - When writing the supporting copy for your submission, you should:
    • include all relevant details (i.e., Who, What, Where, When, Why, How),
    • provide related website links and contact information (strongly encouraged),
    • write in the third person (no "I" statements),
    • use a student-friendly tone, and
    • be student-centric (think about what students need to know and want to know rather than what you want to tell students).

Important: To optimize the management of the newsletter content, the office of the Vice-President, Students reserves the right to exclude submissions determined to fall outside of the newsletter mandate. We also reserve the right to edit submissions to ensure each entry is concise, clear, and student-focused. 


Consider including an image to make your submission more engaging. If you do not provide an image, we may choose one on your behalf.

All photos must be clear, clean, professional, and appropriate to the article.

  • Acceptable file formats: .PNG,. JPG, .JPEG
  • Maximum file size: 1MB
  • Recommended orientation: landscape
  • Quality: high resolution, minimum 300px wide (image height can vary). Images that are of poor quality will not be used.

Online tools like PicMonkey can be used to crop photos.

Note: Images for which permission has not been obtained (copyright images, images of individuals who have not signed a photo release form) will not be published.

Other assets

We are unable to include attachments other than images as part of the newsletter.


Questions or concerns about the newsletter?

Please contact the office of the Vice President, Students at

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