Supply Chain

File storage

To acquire boxes in preparation of documents to go to file storage, fill out a work request. In the description field, include the number of boxes required.

If you want bankers boxes, order from Staples Eway.

Label your file storage boxes with department of origin, a brief description of contents, and a destruction date. For permanent file storage, please label “Do Not Destroy”.

When you have the file boxes ready to go to storage, please submit a work request.

File storage is intended for files that must be retained in compliance with government or internal policy.

If you require frequent access to these files, we encourage you to store them in a secure site within your own department. Constant transport of files is not recommended, as the cartons or contents could get damaged.

If you have any questions about UFV file storage, please contact Logistics Services at local 4552 in Abbotsford, or local 2838 in Chilliwack, or via email

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