Supply Chain


Warehousing and storage

UFV has limited general warehouse space located at the Canada Education Park Building W. This space is managed jointly by Facilities management and Logistics Services.

To request service, please submit an online warehouse storage request. Requests for storage require an expected date of return, and if not removed by that date, the department of origin will be contacted to update the storage request form/record.

If you need bankers boxes, order from Staples Eway.

Material handlers are tasked with the delivery of materials to and from the secure warehouse, and organizing and maintaining an inventory of its contents.

Storage guidelines

  • Items expected to be used in the future are permitted in the warehouse; end-of-life items or materials no longer required should be sent for disposal.
  • Furniture sent to storage will not be stored for the department of origin, but will become UFV surplus stock for redistribution, as required.
  • If contracted services (extra staffing or vehicles) are required to transport items to or from storage, the department of origin will be asked to provide a budget code.
  • The warehouse is secure; therefore, access is limited to authorized personnel only.
  • No personal storage use; UFV items only are permitted

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