Supply Chain

Sole-source requests

In certain situations, UFV may award a project or contract to a supplier without going through a public tender. When these sole source purchases can occur is defined by a number of exclusions and exceptions (defined below and in the Trade Agreements).

Sole source request steps

  1. Review UFV’s purchasing policy, the Trade Agreements and the sole source guidelines (below).
  2. If you are unsure if your requirements qualify as a Sole Source purchase or for additional assistance, please contact Procurement Services.
  3. If you are sure that you qualify, complete the sole source request form‌.

Sole source guidelines

A sole source may be considered for the following reasons:

  • Where no suppliers participated in a tender/RFx and/or submitted responses to a tender/RFx did not satisfy the requirements or conditions.
  • Where only one supplier has the unique qualifications or skills needed for the project.
  • Where an urgency occurs due to unforeseeable events and goods or services cannot be obtained in sufficient time using competitive bidding.
  • Where the project is highly sensitive or confidential and broadcasting it via open competition is inappropriate.
  • Where the planned expenditure is small and the competitive contracting savings would not justify the increased cost involved with more competitive methods.
  • Where the project is a ‘follow-on’ assignment most appropriately done by the original supplier.
  • Where goods are purchased on a commodity market.
  • Where a prototype or first good or service is developed for a research project.
  • Where goods are procured from unusual disposals such as liquidation, receivership, or bankruptcy.
  • Where a contract is awarded to a winner of a design contest.

Before proceeding to a sole source, ask the following questions:

  • Have we thoroughly considered what is required?
  • Have we thoroughly researched all potential sources of supply?
  • Are we being overly restrictive in our terms of reference?
  • Can we justify this on the basis of expediency, urgency or cost?
  • Could we justify this as fair to the supplier community at large?
  • Is this a failure to plan thereby creating the requirement for a sole source process?

When a competitive bid process is not conducted for all acquisitions for goods or services that meet or exceed $75,000 or $200,000 for construction, a sole source request form‌ must be completed and sent to Procurement Services before engaging a supplier.

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