Environmental Courses Offered *Courses are currently being updated and reorganized. Check back later for a new, complete list*

Environmental Science

Lower Level

AGRIC 124: Introduction to Horticulture
AGRIC 204: Soils and Soil Fertility
BIO 106: Urban Ecology
BIO 210: Introduction to Ecology
CHEM 110: Introductory Chemistry
CHEM 113/ 114: Principles of Chemistry I, II
CHEM 213: Organic Chemistry
GEOG 101: Weather and Climate
GEOG 102: Evolution of the Earth’s Surface
GEOG 116: Introduction to Geology
GEOG 211: Environmental Science

Upper Level

AGRIC 311: Soil Conservation and Management
AGRIC 371: Sustainable Holistic Agriculture: Planning and Practices
BIO 310: Conservation Biology
BIO: 330: Plants and Animals of BC
BIO 410/ GEOG 410: Plant Ecology
BIO 421: Special Topics in Applied Biology
BIO 421e: Clayoqout Field School
BIO 430: Forest Ecology
GEOG 303: Hydrology
GEOG 307: Urban Climatology
GEOG 308: Climate Change and Variability
GEOG 315: Soil Process and Function
GEOG 317: Biogeography
GEOG 410/ BIO 410: Plant Ecology
GEOG 411: Advanced Topics in Environmental Issues
GEOG 417: Wetlands Biogeography

Environmental Studies

Lower Level

ANTH 268: Culture and Environment
ENGL 275: Literature and Ecology
GEOG 140: Human Geography
GEOG 242: Economic Geography
PSYCH 264: Environmental Psychology
SOC 299: Sociology of Animals in the Western World
SOC 299g: Environmental Justice

Upper Level

AGRIC 371: Sustainable Holistic Agriculture: Planning and Practices
ECON 352: Technology, Development, and Economic Growth
ECON 361: Environmental Resources
GEOG 311: World Resources and Environment
GEOG 312: Political Ecology
GEOG 323: War, Terrorism, and Peace (units on war and environment)
GEOG 340: Geography of Poverty and Development
GEOG 343: Transitional Societies
GEOG 421: Borderlands (held in conjunction with Western Washington University)
GEOG 447: Aboriginal Geography
PHIL 318: Environmental Ethics
POSC 305: Environmental Politics and Policy in Canada (forthcoming)
RELS 380: Science, Nature, and Religion
SCMS 468: Environment and Society

Techniques and Applications

CMNS 360: Advocacy and Proposal Writing
CMNS 365: Grant Writing
GEOG 253: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 353: Remote Sensing

CMNS 360: Advocacy and Proposal WritingCMNS 365: Grant WritingGEOG 253: Introduction to Geographic Information SystemsGEOG 353: Remote Sensing

Other Course Recommendations

Courses in Communications, Journalism, Visual Arts highly recommended for those interested in environmental studies/ science.

Statistics courses, offered through Geography, Math, Psychology, and SCMS are also very highly recommended.

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