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One of the GreenTeam's latest endeavours of the 2014 year has been about energy reduction in our offices. UFV currently uses around 10.75 million kWh of electricity every year-- enough to power 977 homes for 1 year! That is a lot of energy. There are lots of little ways around office spaces that can help contribute to a total campus energy reduction.

Switching off lights as you leave rooms is one of the easiest and most effective way to reduce energy at UFV and it only takes a second of your time. Switching off all electronics when not in use (such as T.V's, computers, laptops etc.) are also good ways to reduce energy.

If you are curious as to how much electricity certain products in your office space consume, available to sign out at Facilities are meters that are designed to read out wattage consumption, cost and carbon dioxide emissions.

If you want your department to receive a short energy presentation please contact Facilities Sustainability Coordinator (Alyssa.bougie@ufv.ca) and learn how to reduce your energy consumption in the workplace.

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