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Thanks to the newly established Green Team, the first awareness campaign in 2011 was “Turn off the lights!”, We encouraged all students, staff and faculty to turn out the lights unless they’re needed. So often lights are left on around campus when rooms are empty, which cumulatively is a huge waste of energy. Lighting alone accounts for around 40% of electricity consumption on campus, so any changes which we can make in people’s behavior can provide a real benefit to the environmental impact of our campus.

One of the barriers to people turning out the lights is that people do not know whether they are allowed to turn lights off for security or technical reasons. To set this straight, any light switch which can be turned off is ok to turn off, unless the area is a washroom with multiple stalls, or a corridor. So if you are the last one to leave a classroom, lab, dorm room, or individual washroom, we ask you to please turn the lights out as you leave!

We had a “Turn if off” week from November 14 to 18, 2011 where we made a big push for people to do everything they can to turn off lights, monitors, chargers, desk lamps and anything else they can think of when possible.

Although the "Turn it Off" week is well past, please continue to turn off lights as you leave empty rooms and continue to help UFV reduce its energy consumption.

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